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Fathom Software for the HR2



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Fathom Software is required for the VEMCO HR2 High Residence Receiver


fathom-webFathom Software is used for initialization, configuration and data upload from the VEMCO HR2 High Residence receiver.

IMPORTANT: Always use the latest version of Fathom Software on your entire suite of PC’s and Laptops. This ensures that you always have access to the latest new features and assures compatibility with all versions of HR2 receivers. The latest version of Fathom Software is 2.0.0.


Download the current version of Fathom Software (Version 2.0.0)


Changes in Fathom Software 2.0.0 (Released June 2017)

New Features+

    • Program a watch table into your receiver, allowing you to view detection counts for tags of interest from the surface using a VR100 (requires VR100 firmware version 3.4.3 or greater)
    • Convert VRL files from VR2W receivers to Fathom CSV output format:  get both detection and events data in a new easy-to-use format
    • Visualize detection data from VR2W receivers
    • Automatic software update notifications:  get notified automatically when new versions are available for download


    • Improvements to data visualization interface:
      • Visualize time series of binned detection counts over entire data files, and zoom in to areas of interest for finer-scale viewing
      • View relative detection densities and detection counts of different tag IDs within the selected time period
      • View time series’ of diagnostic data (noise, tilt, temperature) within the selected time period (HR2 receivers only)
    • Improvements to CSV data export format:
      • New record types and improvements to existing record types
      • Automatic time correction for all records containing timestamped data
      • File version information added to CSV file
    • Improvements to layout of options under the Advanced Tab in the Receiver Communications window

Recent Fixes+

    • Minor bug fixes


Changes in Fathom Software 1.1.0 (Released August 2016)

New Features+

    • Visualize time series plots of offloaded detection data
    • View detection data summaries at offload
    • Support for new high speed offload cable


    • Faster export from VDAT to CSV format

Recent Fixes+

    • Minor fixes


Fathom Software 1.0.0 (Released June 2016)


    • Fast and easy communication with your receiver through a cabled connection
    • Automatic detection of incorrect clock settings on your computer
    • Prepare your receiver for deployment (start a study) with the click of a button
    • View receiver status information (battery life remaining, memory usage, built-in transmitter settings, tilt, temperature, and noise sensor readings, total detections and pings on the receiver) in real time all at once in a single window
    • View live detection data, including signal strength and noise diagnostics, in real time
    • Easily configure your receiver’s built-in transmitter settings for range testing or long-term deployment
    • Easily configure the logging frequency of the receiver’s built-in tilt, temperature, and noise sensors
    • Offload all data on the receiver, or just the new data since the last offload
    • Export offloaded receiver data to an easy-to-use CSV format for import into programs of your choosing
    • Suspend receiver operation during storage to conserve battery power
    • Integrated interactive and context-sensitive help


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Key Features

  •  Initialize, configure and upload data from VEMCO HR2 receivers
  •  View live detection data in real time (great for testing and troubleshooting)
  •  Integrated easy-to-search help (for both the Fathom software and the HR2 receiver)
  •  Export receiver data to CSV format for inspection and manipulation in a program of your choice
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