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VUE Software is required for the following VEMCO receivers:

  •  VR2W-69 kHz      •  VR2W-180 kHz      •  VR2Tx      •  VR2AR      •  VR2AR-X*      •  VR2C      •  VR4-UWM
Note that the latest release of VUE, version 2.4.0, is required for offloading data from VEMCO’s new long life acoustic release receiver, the VR2AR-X.


vueVUE Software is used for initialization, configuration and data upload from VEMCO acoustic monitoring receivers and allows users to combine data from multiple receivers of varying types into a single integrated database.

IMPORTANT: VEMCO users should always update to the latest version of VUE Software on your entire suite of PC’s and Laptops. By having the latest version of VUE Software, users can be assured of compatibility with all versions, new and old, of VEMCO monitoring receivers. The latest version of VUE Software is 2.4.0.


Changes in VUE Software 2.4.0 (Released June 2018)


New Features+

    • Added support for new receiver code maps (69 kHZ: MAP-115, 180 kHz:  MAP-414).  MAP-414 includes support for new 180 kHz sensor tags.
    • Added support for new Bluetooth module to begin shipping in Vemco receivers in the summer of 2018
    • Added support for VR2AR-X long life acoustic release receiver


    • False Detect Analysis tool now displays results according to the Date & Time Display setting selected under VUE Options
    • Improvements to duplicate VRL handling behaviour

Recent Fixes+

    • Minor fixes


Changes in VUE Software 2.3.0 (Released September 2016)


New Features+

    • Added support for new receiver code map (MAP-114)
    • Added ability to configure time stamp resolution for the VR2C in real-time mode

Recent Fixes+

    • Minor fixess


Download the current version of VUE Software (Version 2.4.0)


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Key Features

  •  Initialize, configure and upload data from VEMCO receivers
  •  Combine data from multiple receivers of varying types into a single integrated database
  •  Required for the following receivers: VR2W-69 kHz, VR2W-180 kHz, VR2Tx, VR2AR, VR2C, VR4-UWM
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